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What Does a Chiropractic Examination Involve?

spine x-rayYour first step on your journey to well-being with Crimson Chiropractic Center is a comprehensive examination. This crucial phase aids in pinpointing your specific issues and shapes the treatment roadmap specifically designed to meet your health needs. This deep dive involves a thorough understanding of your medical background, lifestyle, sleep habits, and work scenario, amongst other factors. We will tailor our treatments to your unique wellness needs.

The Vital Role of Physical Examination and Diagnostic Tests

Your physical check-up is an indispensable part of your chiropractic journey. Dr. Richardson or Dr. Fowler will conduct an exhaustive examination, including orthopedic and neurological tests, to clearly define your health and physical status.

Taking X-rays allows us to do a posture analysis. We analyze for any misalignment, and then we adjust accordingly. X-rays are vital in helping us determine an appropriate treatment plan for each patient.

If additional imaging is required, in some cases, you may be referred out for additional testing including MRI, CT scan or specialty medical consultation when appropriate.

Based on the exam and X-ray results, your doctor will give you an idea of what’s causing your symptoms and provide some therapies and a light adjustment in the area of your chief complaint to help relieve your symptoms.

This visit takes about one hour.

Customized Care: Designed Just for You

After your initial visit, your chiropractor studies your X-rays and completes an in-depth biomechanical analysis. The outcome: a customized treatment program to assist you in achieving your health goals. During your second visit, your chiropractor will explain the cause of your symptoms, the ways our treatment can assist, the duration, and the costs involved.

We ensure all your questions are addressed and that you feel comfortable with our treatment plan. If you agree to proceed, we begin your care plan. This appointment usually takes 30-45 minutes.

Putting Patients at Ease

We get that some people may feel nervous about visiting the chiropractor. Most of the time, however, that fear is just the fear of the unknown. Rest assured that we will walk you through each part of the exam that we’re about to do so you understand what’s coming next. Our experience is that when we can talk patients through the exam process and explain each next step, it generally makes them feel a lot more comfortable.

Take That First Step to Maximum Health

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