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Our Patients Speak: Crimson Chiropractic Center Testimonials

First Time To Chiropractic Care

First time to any chiropractic service. I was nervous and had mixed feelings. But after my visit and speaking to everyone those doubts soon left me. Today I have completed my second week of visits and I feel great. Each visit has been with smiles and encouragement from all at the office. Totally glad I went into your office that first day, truly life changing. Thanks And God Bless.

-Robert Denon M.


“I have been dealing with scoliosis since I was 12 years old (now 55). I wore the Milwaukee Brace all through middle and high school. For reasons unknown, my spine started curving again in my late 30’s and I had to have two rods surgically inserted (Cotrel-Dubosset rodding procedure) at the age of 38. Due to complications from that surgery, I have dealt with chronic pain since 1993. I have had every procedure, block, etc. available with very little success. I have even done alternative therapies (I am a 2nd degree Reiki Master) to help keep the amounts of medications I have to take to a minimum.Show More

After a bad car accident August 2009, the amount of pain increased significantly and to different areas. It got so bad that I couldn’t even take a breath without crying in pain. My husband had stopped by Dr Richardson’s office one day and happened to have his card so he called to ask if they could help someone who has rods and whose spine is fused. The day I went for my first visit I was in the worst shape I ever remember being in.

Everyone at Crimson Chiropractic Center is very caring and friendly—I got a good feeling right away. After my very first visit I got relief! I couldn’t believe it! About 50% after the first treatment and by the end of the second week I was feeling pretty good again! I am amazed at the progress I have made with Dr. Richardson’s help and I recommend Crimson Chiropractic Center to anyone having any discomfort at all – They’re the best!!

Thank you Dr. Dave, Carol and Robin for helping me get my life back again!! You’re all a blessing to me (and my husband, who is now also a patient). I know we’re in great hands!!”

-JoAnne Morina

Neck and Arm Pain

“On my initial visit to Dr. David Richardson I was in excruciating pain in my neck and left arm and into my left hand which had lost mobility and was numb. Dr. Richardson was very professional and explained specifically what I was experiencing and his prescribed treatment for it. His approach was very reassuring for me and my husband as well.Show More

My husband who is a pastor requested that Dr. Richardson pray the prayer of of agreement with us for my complete recovery. I thank God for a physician who knows who he is in Christ and who is professional. It was because of his faith and expertise that I drive from Birmingham, Alabama to Tuscaloosa, Alabama for treatment.

The office atmosphere is pristine and relaxing and his staff exceptional! They are the prerequisite to treatment for the patients. They exemplify the professional warmth and genuine concern for the patient which places them at a complete relaxation and peaceful state. Needless to say my left hand and arm are pain free and my neck is 90% pain free. I recommend him without hesitation.”

-Brandy Gibson

Lower Back and Leg Pain

“About two years ago my lower back and left leg had become so painful that I was seriously considering using crutches to help me walk. After a month’s treatment by another doctor, he gave up on me and made me an appointment for an MRI. I was told to take the results of the MRI to a neurosurgeon for surgery. A friend referred me to Dr. Richardson. After three weeks treatment, I was completely pain free. I would certainly recommend Dr. Richardson to anyone with back pain and I have done so several times.”

-Bill Smith

Hip and Leg Pain

“When I first visited Dr. Richardson’s office I was in terrible pain. I had never experienced anything like that before the pain went from my right hip down to the knee. I was miserable standing, sitting and walking.

Once Dr. Richardson began adjustment on me it took awhile for me to get used to it. Once I got use to it I could tell the difference. That pressure on my nerves got much better. Life became better for my daily living.Show More

Dr. Richardson and his entire staff were so pleasant and professional. They always made sure that I was comfortable at all times. They are always so helpful.

I have been a patient of Dr. Richardson’s for a long time now and I find him to be so pleasant at all times. Dr. Richardson always has time to stop and talk or answer questions that I might have. He will ask me if I was alright and how I have been.

I will recommend Dr. Richardson to anyone who may have any problems with their body functions. I already sent a few people to his office and will continue to do it. I thank God for Dr. Richardson. He has been a blessing in my life.”

-Pearlie Jones

Back Pain

“I had two major back surgeries, and was about to have a third one. I was still having really bad problems with my back, crippling, could not walk, sit, sleep or eat without pain. My response to treatment was almost immediate. I was sometimes carried in or had to use a crutch, but I always walked out. Dr. Richardson’s family and staff have always been absolutely wonderful to me. I would recommend Dr. Richardson to anyone and everyone who really wants relief from back pain.”

-Elbert Beale

Truly life changing

First time to any Chiropractic service. I was nervous and had mixed feelings. But after my visit and speaking to everyone those doubts soon left me. today I have completed my second week of visits and I feel great…. each visit has been with smiles and encouragement from all at the office. Totally glad I went into your office that first day.. truly life changing.
Thanks And God Bless
Robert Denon McMillan

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