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Optimize Your Health & Wellness With Maintenance Chiropractic Care

chiro adjustment on backJust as you visit the dentist twice yearly for checkups to keep your teeth in tip-top condition or take your car in to get it serviced at recommended intervals, regular chiropractic care is also beneficial!

So what’s the difference between traditional chiropractic and maintenance care? Unlike traditional chiropractic care, which aims at treating symptoms like aches and pains, maintenance care focuses on preventing future problems, thereby maintaining optimal function. It’s not a quick-fix approach but a long-term journey toward better functionality and wellness.

The Impact of Maintenance Care on Patients Over Time

Over the years, our patients have reaped the benefits of maintenance care, seeing it positively impact their well-being. Take, for instance, a long-term patient who came in with an acute disc injury around 20 years ago. He had been recommended surgery, but we guided him through that initial acute phase. He’s been a regular patient since then and hasn’t experienced any back pain in over 15 years. Instances like these speak volumes about the effectiveness of maintenance care.

How Often Should You Get Adjusted?

As no two patients are the same, the frequency of maintenance care is tailored to each individual. Some patients might require a monthly visit; some might need chiropractic care every six weeks, eight weeks, or quarterly. This schedule evolves in line with the patient’s progress—the aim is to find the most effective approach for each patient.

Complementing Care With Lifestyle Changes

Regular maintenance care can promote wellness in the long run, but certain lifestyle changes can further complement it. Diet and exercise are always top suggestions. Incorporating daily small movements and stretches can also be very beneficial. Body posture, often overlooked, plays a significant role, too—being mindful of maintaining good posture can greatly enhance the effectiveness of maintenance care in promoting overall wellness.

Incorporating Maintenance Care Into Your Wellness Journey

Progress toward better health and wellness is not a one-stop destination; it’s an ongoing journey. Maintenance care can be vital in this journey, helping you avoid potential health problems and experience optimal functionality.

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