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Chiropractic for Disc Herniation

casual man with back painA disc herniation is a condition where the soft center of a spinal disc bulges or ruptures through a weak area in the tough outer layer. Symptoms often include pain that radiates from the neck into the arms, shoulder blades, or lower back into the hip or legs. Some people experience pain that radiates all the way to the foot.

In addition to pain, patients often will have numbness or tingling, and weakness.

How We Can Help

At Crimson Chiropractic Center, we have great success in addressing disc herniation. In addition to spinal manipulation, we do lower back stretching, using the Cox Flexion Distraction table that helps to open up the disc and pump nutrients back into it. We also offer lumbar and cervical disc decompression in the office.

Managing Your Condition at Home

Here are some home care tips to manage disc herniation:

  • Move and exercise regularly
  • Stay hydrated
  • Avoid smoking, which can cause the discs to thin and dehydrate
  • Do hamstring stretches, cobra stretches, and lumbar extensions
  • Perform pull exercises to reduce gravity’s effect

Book an Appointment

If you have a herniated disc we recommend you choose chiropractic first, as it may help you prevent surgery. Call today to schedule an appointment!


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