Arthritis Pain

Natural Arthritis Pain Relief by Your Chiropractor in Tuscaloosa 

At Crimson Chiropractic in Tuscaloosa, our chiropractors provide natural arthritis pain relief to help you manage pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. Working together using a natural approach instead of medication, we can relieve stiffness, increase mobility, and help you find wellness.

Symptoms of Arthritis

As you age, you face an increased risk of arthritis. While the causes of arthritis are unknown, overweight individuals and women face an elevated risk of getting arthritis. Common symptoms include limited mobility, stiffness, inflammation, and pain.

Some people feel chronic pain, while others experience sharper pain. General tiredness and mental symptoms can go along with arthritis. After all, it can be emotionally difficult if you are no longer able to do the things you love.

Decades ago, people were under the assumption arthritis was an inevitable part of aging and there was nothing that could be done to treat age-related mobility loss.

Today, we have come to recognize that, by treating the inflammation associated with arthritis, we can provide its sufferers with a higher quality of life. Learn how chiropractic treatment relieves the symptoms associated with arthritis so you can get back to your favorite activities.

How Chiropractic Relieves Arthritis Pain

Chiropractic adjustments relieve the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis by nurturing the nervous system, which is your body's self-healing system. Every adjustment soothes inflammation by promoting circulation in affected muscles and joints. When your inflammation decreases, you will feel better and enjoy more movement.

Chiropractic treatments also bring the spine and joints back into proper alignment. When your body is aligned, joints are naturally able to glide through their range of motion with less friction. This means less stiffness and soreness associated with arthritis.

Along with adjustments, we will suggest stretches and exercises to combat stiffness. By completing the exercises at home, you can keep your body active and regain flexibility that has become lost. When we add in strength training, you can support your muscles and take pressure off joints. This also decreases arthritis pain.

Join the many Tuscaloosa area patients who have embraced healthy aging by using chiropractic to manage arthritis.

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